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You already have an amazing product that your customers will love - they just need a little help finding it.


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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Branding is more than just your logo - it’s about how you’re seen by customers. I can help you define your brand and highlight it in ways that will stand out to your customers.

Product Differentiation

Product Differentiation

I can help you discover the differences between you and your competitor that matter most to your customer.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Sometimes your biggest threats aren’t competing businesses, but new technologies. I can help you stay ahead of industry evolution.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

It’s not enough to know how many people visit your site - you need to know who they are, which of them are turning into paying customers, and why. Knowledge is power.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

I’ll help you write great copy that focuses on relevant content, rather than the typical SEO tricks, which can damage your status on Google for a very long time.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

It’s not about getting as many people as possible to your website - it’s about getting the right people. I have the skills and experience to bring you the right people.



Hire our Pan-India marketing network in support of any non-competing products to be enabled enough to be potentially going in for launch after launch at your own pace.

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Hi, I'm Amit Jain

Owner & Co-Founder

I’m Amit, your own personal marketing guru! I’m passionate about the tech industry and nothing excites me more than seeing great businesses grow. I spent 6 years as the in-house marketer for a dot com startup, helping turn it into a fortune 5000 company. Last year I left to become a consultant so I could help grow companies like yours. When I’m not working, I’m listening to music or driving or (more or less) both.

WHAT WE DO @ UUKA help the business environment by raising the prospect..

"I have never delegated a thing;" "only outsourced the technicalities!"

Our success story began with Sh. Amit Jain logging on and finding scope for furthering sales for his proprietary firm 'Radicura Enterprises.'

He has never looked back at the endless possibilities concerning the offline trade (as well) that has so far been unable to utilize the internet for traditionally conducted business practices.

Our aim is to support the Make In India endeavour of the Government Of India by doing our little bit with no say in the grander scheme of things like Venture Capital or Loans, etc.

Our mission statement is to help people up, and make them stand on their own feet, and further the global clout by walking the talk with sales and the subsequent profit as forex brought back to our shores.

For this we do sourcing and procurement for folks with no manufacturing facilities of their own or even those with limited trading experience; and then onboard the said goods globally to marketplaces normally beyond their immediate reach.

As a norm, we charge a retainer and a commission on assisted sales of their goods, the given for which is evidently justified with the proprietor bringing in a few hundred thousand USD every year via his own firm's multi-channel e-commerce sales networks.

Also we help in Designing, Branding, Marketing & Optimisation of the goods as to make the best aspect stand out from any competition.

"If the consumer sees it;" "chances are he'll buy it!"

The best bet as of now is the web.

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